How does solar power work in australia?

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Solar power is an increasingly popular source of electricity across Australia. From large commercial solar farms to household installations, the amount of energy captured from the sun is on a sharp rise. Solar power systems offer a number of advantages, including significant cost savings, greater self-sufficiency, and positive environmental outcomes. If you’re looking for commercial or residential solar panels, please contact Costline today.


Electricity costs are on the rise across the country. If you want to reduce your electricity bill, it’s important to be pro-active and consider your energy options. Australian households and businesses can benefit from solar power in the following three ways:

1. Green energy providers

You can take advantage of green energy options from regular electricity providers. This is a great way to help the planet without making a financial investment. However, green power from energy companies is generally more expensive than standard electricity offers. In addition, most providers do not offer a “solar only” option, with green power also coming from wind and geothermal plants.

2. Solar power with grid connectivity

You can choose to invest in your own rooftop solar power system. This is the best way to access cost savings and take control of your own energy generation. While an initial investment is needed for solar panels and an inverter, the money saved on electricity bills is significant. Other than maximising your savings, access to your own solar power system allows you to access grid power when needed and sell energy back to the grid when available.

3. Off-grid solar power

You can install a 100% self-sufficient solar power system without grid connectivity. While this can be a great option for people living in remote communities, it is a disadvantage in some situations. Without access to the grid, you are unable to sell surplus power generated by your own system and unable to access additional power from the grid when required.

Making your decision

Installing your own solar power system with grid connectivity may be the smartest move. Before you begin, it’s important to consider your access to direct sunlight, your electricity needs, and your current electricity prices. While solar power can help you save big, getting the right system is absolutely critical. From small residential 6.6 kWh solar systems to large commercial 100 kW systems, we at Costline have a range of sizes and configurations available.

Solar power equipment

Household and business solar systems connected to the grid are relatively affordable and simple to install. All you need is photovoltaic solar panels to capture solar energy and an inverter to transform this energy into usable electricity. Additional solar batteries are sometimes used to store electricity, although they are mostly unnecessary for grid-based solar systems.

If you’re looking for solar panels in Australia, the team at Costline is here to help. For the very best in solar, please contact us today.