5 common commercial solar installation mistakes

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The Australian solar PV market continues to grow, particularly in the commercial sector. Installing commercial solar panels is a surefire way of generating clean energy while saving costs and even making a profit in the process.

Installing solar panels on a commercial building is a massive undertaking, usually involving large sums of money and many considerations. Due to the high stakes, you want to ensure the commercial PV installation process goes smoothly and the end product meets your business’s energy goals. With that in mind, here are five common mistakes to avoid when installing commercial solar panels.

Buying low-quality solar panels

Although the cost of PV solar modules is falling worldwide, that does not mean you should go for the cheapest solar generators. When it comes to electrical equipment, cheap is often expensive. Purchase high-quality solar panels from trusted, leading brands; these may cost a bit more than generic types, but you’ll end up with a reliable, durable and efficient system.

Knowing too little about your power needs

How much power do you need from a commercial solar array? Analyse your current and future power consumption rates to determine the right solar panel configuration to install. Without accurate power requirement figures, you might install a subpar generator or an unnecessarily expensive and wasteful solar array.

Not taking advantage of solar incentives

Both state and federal governments offer various incentives to businesses looking to install commercial solar panels. These incentive schemes are the government’s way of incentivising solar panel installation in a bid to reach Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. Claiming these incentives can lower your installation cost significantly and even save you money through other means such as tax reliefs and exceptions.

Ignoring solar power economics

Although solar panels are indeed a source of free energy, that’s only half the story. A commercial solar generator is a huge investment; you need to have a long-term plan to recoup the capital and take advantage of the system’s zero-cost power output. Consider the generator’s initial installation and running costs, energy cost saving, incentives and feed-in tariffs when working out the RIO.

Choosing the wrong solar installation service

Choosing a capable, reputable and qualified solar installation service is just as crucial as buying high-quality solar panels and equipment. The booming solar market is awash with inexperienced solar installers looking to make quick money. Remember, a poorly installed solar array will most likely underperform and develop technical problems in the future.

Improper installation is one of the worst mistakes you can make when installing commercial solar panels. And that’s why Costline hires only highly trained and experienced technicians to install the most advanced solar panels, inverters and battery units for commercial use. Don’t compromise quality – choose Costline for guaranteed performance and unbeatable value on your solar investment. Contact us for all your solar installation needs in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.


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